Welcome to Cool Comfort Shoes

Welcome to the Cool Comfort Shoes store website! Now that you have found us, please browse our website for information and visit us at our Frankfort Location. Whether you searched for our website for the race calendar, group run schedule, or to purchase your first pair of running shoes, please stop in to our store and let us help you. We are here to make your feet happy and improve the biomechanics and efficiency of your walking, running, and everyday movement.

Our staff is trained to help find the right fit for you. With that being said, we recommend that you bring in an old pair of shoes so we can check your wear pattern. Not only do we take the time to give you individual attention, but we aim to help your movement in any capacity be the best that it can be!

Also, we offer many products for runners and all movers alike: from sweat-wicking socks, apparel, and hydration products to supportive sandals, work shoes, and everyday shoes. We have products for everyone at every level of movement, so please stop in to check out our store! (We do accept flexible spending account and health savings account payments!)